Colorado Wildflowers

Colorado is a beautiful, dramatic state full of diverse landscapes, people and culture. It comes to life in different ways across the seasons. Some people live for the chilly, snowy winters. There is comfort in the crunch of snow and dead leaves, and the warmth of cocoa. Yet, it can be a frustrating time of year for those that long to be out in the wild, with the sun on their back. The winter blues can drag us into hibernation, only allowing us to emerge for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We need the brightness and rebirth of spring to look forward too. We need to know that there are spring activities in Colorado on the horizon.


Spring Activities in Colorado for Nature Lovers

Colorado Mountain Trail Wildflowers

Spring may seem a long way off right now, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start planning ahead for a fun spring vacation in Colorado. The state is the perfect place to shake off the winter and step out into a fresh, green new world. The landscapes cry out to hikers and families with promises of adventure. The cities begin to emerge out of their hibernation with new events and activities. There is plenty to look forward to, so why not take a look at some of these top spring activities in Colorado for 2018.

The best place to start when looking at the ideal Colorado spring adventures is with the great outdoors. It is time to reacquaint ourselves with the landscapes and greet the flowers and creatures of the new season. Spring in Colorado is always heralded by the emergence of the state’s beautiful wildflowers. There are lots of places to see these spectacles, but Crested Butte in Gunnison County is known as the “Wildflower Capital of Colorado” for good reason. Families will also appreciate the 3.5 mile Lupine Trail because of the handy shuttle at the other end. This is perfect for tired little legs of tiny explorers. The emergence of the wildflowers also means butterflies and insects to marvel at.

It is important here to take a moment to look at the pros and cons of Colorado spring weather. The weather is sure to play an important role in any plans for outdoor pursuits. Spring in Colorado is all about making the most of the good weather when it appears, and embracing the bad weather like a champ. It is impossible to predict what a day will bring until the weather settles down for summer. There will be days of glorious sunshine and warmth followed by days of gloomy cold or thunderstorms. There is even the chance of all three in one day. Adventurers are therefore advised to plan accordingly, but not to let the weather rule their decisions too much.

Spring Activities in Colorado for Wildlife Watchers

Gunnison Sage-grouse Festival

This vast range of natural landscapes, and ecological diversity, also means plenty of excuses to head out and see the local wildlife in its element. There are lots of options here, so families can find some gems in a local patch or explore somewhere new. In fact, there are 8 National Wildlife Refuges, 12 National Parks and 41 state parks with nearly 1000 different species. How many can your family tick off over the spring?

One way to get a great view of some interesting species in Colorado over the spring is with a designated wildlife festival. The Gunnison Sage-grouse Festival in early April is a great way for families to spot this bizarre bird and learn more about it. There is also the “Welcome back Turkey Vulture Day”, in Castlewood Canyon State Park on April 22nd, that celebrates the return of the turkey vultures for the new season.

Then there are the alternative adventures for animal lovers after fun spring activities in Colorado. Colorado is home to some interesting zoos and wildlife parks that offer educational close encounters. We all know about Denver Zoo, so why not try a different park over the spring. The Wild Animal Sanctuary near Keenesburg is a great treat for those that love big cats. This 720 acre site provides a home for rescued animals. These creatures were victims of illegal trade and abuse – sometimes as former pets or circus animals. Here they can roam in peace. There are lions, tigers, cougars, bears, wolves and much more. Then there is Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The added bonus with this Mountain Zoo is that they host a week long children’s camp in the Spring. This means a Spring Break with a difference for kids that want to meet like-minded children and have some fun.

Spring Activities in Colorado for Sports Enthusiasts

Colorado Mountain Biking

The natural landscape and epic trails of Colorado aren’t just about wildlife and natural beauty. There are many sports enthusiasts dying to head out in spring to enjoy the rocks, dirt and water. Whether you like to travel on two wheels by bike, two feet while jogging, or even four legs on horseback. There is something for every active soul.

Colorado definitely takes its sport seriously. There is more than one way to get down a river, or climb a rock. A great alternative option in spring activities in Colorado for adventurous family is CityROCK. This indoor facility is ideal as a safer option for kids that want to learn about climbing from professionals. There are even ClimBEAR! indoor and outdoor camps at the end of March for kids ages 4-12. Those that want to take to the water can choose between lots of different centers for kayak hire and rafting experiences. One of the most popular is the Colorado Adventure Center, as there are routes on Clear Creek River, Blue River, Arkansas River and Colorado River. It is also worth planning a trip to the Buena Vista Paddlefest rafting extravaganza if you are really into whitewater experiences.

Some will argue that skiing is actually one of the best sporting spring activities in Colorado. Many of us enjoy heading onto the slopes in the spring, rather than the winter, as we get the best of both worlds. The snow remains deep and manageable for skiing and other winter sports. Yet, the weather is a little better, the days are longer and it is usually warmer. The great news for keen skiing families is that there are many ski resorts that remain open right into the middle of April. Therefore, we can start planning a relaxing break in a top location while we curse the short winter days.

Spring Activities in Colorado

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Spring Activities in Colorado aren’t just about adventures in the wilderness.

The great thing about planning a spring break in Colorado is that there are options and events around most corners. Many people will look to the great outdoors first, as they stretch their limbs and walk off the effects of winter. However, there are also lots of different events and festivals in some of the major towns and cities. Couples and families can plan a weeks break in one of these locations in spring and be sure of a great holiday with lots of memories.

Spring Activities in Colorado for those in Montrose.

Montrose Wine and Food Festival

Montrose is the place to visit for anyone look for things to do in Colorado in may. The first place to start is with the Montrose wine and food festival, which coincides with the annual Mission to Ride cycling event. Basically, you can feast on the best food that the town has to offer and then either burn it off along the canyon, or watch others push themselves to the limit. The event has a number of categories to suit different riders. Many stick with the 30 miles route to Olathe, but there is a more challenging 100 mile option. This is why it pays to plan ahead now – plenty of time to train and prepare! Those that prefer to stay on two feet, rather than two wheels, may prefer the Black Canyon ascent. It may be a lot shorter at 6 miles, but there is a tough 2,000 foot climb.

Spring Activities in Colorado for those visiting Boulder.

Boulder is one of the best places to visit in Colorado in April because this is when the town comes alive. It literally all begins at the start of the month with the reopening of the farmers’ market. This is the perfect chance to stock up on all that fresh produce you craved over the winter. These regular markers also bring fresh flowers to brighten the home. Boulder residents, and visitors, can also spot wildflowers and wildlife on the vast stretches of trails. There are almost 150 miles around Boulder to explore by bike or on foot. Then, of course, there is the infamous Boulder festival – one of the must-visit spring activities in Colorado over Memorial Day weekend. Here visitors can soak in the community spirit through food, music, vendors, rides, and the Great Rubber Duck Race.

Spring activities in Colorado for art lovers.

Colorado Art

Spring is a great time for inspiration for local artists, as they break out of their cozy winter studios and head out for new ideas. Some will take the time to bring a canvas outside, others will gain inspiration from other local artists and festivals. There are lots of options for people looking for things to do in Colorado Springs and beyond. Nearly every town seems to have some form of festival to enjoy.

Boulder has an annual festival in the beginning of April with exhibitions and performances. Denver has the unique Chalk Art Festival, where over 200 artists transform the streets around Larimer Square. The added thrill here is catching the artwork before the rain returns to wash it away. Old Colorado City offers the FirstFriday ArtWalk where art lovers can explore galleries and open artist studios along Colorado Avenue. Another top Colorado spring event to try is the Mesa Verde Indian Arts and Culture Festival. This festival offers an interesting look at art, culture and history from the Ancestral Puebloans of the region. Works go on display at the Indian art market, and there are also glass blowing and rug making demonstrations.

Spring Activities in Colorado for history enthusiasts.

Colorado Four Mile Historic Park

This cultural festival is just one of many options for those that want to explore the history of the state. There are many Colorado Springs attractions and much loved tourist spots that make the effort to provide a little more for spring break. It it also important to remember that May is Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month in Colorado. Therefore, there is even more reason to head out and take advantage of new opportunities.

The Four Mile Historic Park is a great choice for those coming in from out of state, and those with young families. This site is home to the oldest structure in the County of Denver, and the owners created an impressive educational park around it. There are farm buildings with live animals, a windmill, blacksmith, school house and much more. Then there is the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. This is a great choice for this History Month, but also in March. March brings their free 30 minute “Windows into History Tour” on the weekends.

Spring Activities in Colorado for music lovers.

Colorado Spring Red Rocks

Finally, there are the opportunities in Colorado for those that want a great night out with some live music. Spring in Colorado means the start of a new season of events in many locations across the state. One such option is the Chautauqua Summer Concert Series that begins in May. This series sets up a stage beside the Flatirons for all kinds of performances. There are plenty of concerts, but also film screenings and theater performances. Of course there is no excuse not to visit the Red Rock Amphitheater at some point over the spring. There are lots of concerts from top national and international acts across the year. However, it is also worth taking the time to enjoy this unique setting’s park and trails. There is also a free visitor center with a Hall of Fame.

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As you can see, it is possible to plan a great spring break in Colorado, no matter your situation or interests. Nature lovers and wildlife watchers may struggle to satisfy their needs in winter. Yet, they know that spring will bring wonderful spectacles and outings in the state’s beautiful landscape. Families stuck for things to do in winter can plan a trip around great attractions, events and festivals on Colorado’s spring calendar. Art lovers, historians and sports enthusiasts know that there are great opportunities on the horizon. There could be a tough winter ahead, with limited chances for action and adventure, but that will all change in spring. Come and embrace all the best spring activities in Colorado for 2018 – no matter what the weather throws at us.