It was early for a storm to be pushing over the mountains, and we were almost across a narrow ridge connecting Mummies Head to Comanche Peak.  With a climb ahead of us and a long exposed hike behind, there were few options available.  We were climbing around the peak, trying to stay as low as possible, when the storm hit. We spread out, pushed around the mountain and finally started downward.  As we watched the storm pass from the sanctuary of the trees a bright rainbow appeared.  It was an amazing sight!

Whether it’s through challenges and overcoming hardships, or time for relaxation and quiet reflection wilderness experiences can be life changing moments.  Working together to summit breath-taking peaks, camping next to crystal clear mountain lakes, or running white water rapids creates opportunities to learn more about your friends and family, strengthen relationships, and build life-long memories.  Not every vacation needs to be a wilderness adventure, but I hope that you’ll consider a few days backpacking or camping on your next adventure.

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