We all love having choices. The more the better, right? Lately I’ve been wondering if I really like all the choices I have, because choosing is hard!  I recently booked a flight to visit family in Chicago.  I started a timer as I started searching through all the choices I had. Fifty-three minutes later I finally booked a ticket. One ticket, for one quick flight.  I still hadn’t reserved parking and was glad that I don’t need to think about finding hotels in Chicago, transportation to them, and what I will do while I was there!

We’re bombarded with choices in our life and it can be a lot of work to plan a vacation.  If you’re coming to Colorado, you’ll find 77 Rafting Companies, 54 Fourteeners, 28 Climbing Guide services, 25 Zipline Operators, 29 Mountain Bike Guide Companies, 68 Fishing Guide services, and over 320 breweries!  That’s a lot of choices… and doesn’t even include the choices for hotels, cabins, rental cars, food, and location.  It can be exhausting just thinking about planning a vacation.  That’s why it’s important to think big and start with why you want to go on vacation and what you want your vacation to be like. Whether you want adrenaline filled days or quite afternoons at the lake, Colorado has a lot to offer.

If the rest of the work seems like too much let the Next Adventure Company help you out. We’ll take the work out of planning your next vacation so you can enjoy time with family and friends, both now and on vacation.  Our Adventure Consultants want to get to know you and then create a Colorado adventure tailored to your dreams.

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