Happy to help you create the Colorado vacation of your dreams.

Are adventures physically demanding?

The physical demand of each adventure depends almost entirely on the activities that you choose to do. Colorado are many thousand feet higher than most travelers are used to. It can take several days to adjust to altitude and even then, regular activities take a little more effort than normal.

Can children participate in all the activities?

Every activity provider has their own age requirements based on the type of activity they offer. We’ll work with you to plan activities appropriate for the age and abilities of those people coming with you. Next Adventure Guides are also able to offer alternative activities for children if there are older youth and adult activities desired during part of the trip.

Can I make any changes to the itinerary of my group trip, either before or during the trip?

Yes, every adventure is customized to your desires. We’ll do our best to accommodate changes to schedules before and throughout your trip. Because of the cost difference in activities changes or additions to your itinerary may result in increased fees.

Can I opt out of certain activities if I want to?

Absolutely. If you or any other person in your trip wants to opt out of an activity they are free to do so. Please note that if you or another individual choose to opt out of an included activity, no reimbursement can be made.

I have special dietary requirements – will they be catered for?

We try our very hardest to accommodate all dietary requirements. We would like to know at the time of reservation if there are any dietary needs. Prior to the trip we will talk with anyone having special dietary needs if we have concerns about meeting their needs.

What if I get ill or injured on the trip and unable to continue?

Our guides are trained in first aid and are equipped to deal with minor injury and illness. We also have contact information for emergency and non-emergency health care in the areas that we travel. We will work with you to find appropriate medical care if needed.

Do I get any free time?

Absolutely! The beauty of travelling with the Next Adventure Company is that this is your adventure. Your guide is flexible and many parts of the itinerary can be shifted on the fly. We encourage everyone to explore at their own pace.

Is tipping commonplace?

Yes, for most guided activities tipping is common and appreciated by the activity leader. Your guide can give you advice on how much is commonly tipped for the your activities. If you’re happy with the service your guide provided during your adventure, providing a tip for them – though not compulsory – is appropriate. Tipping can be of great significance to the people taking care of you, inspire excellent service, and is an entrenched feature of the tourism industry.