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One of the keys to an amazing adventure is understanding how you like to travel.  We all have our own unique style, likes, and dislikes.  When your adventure style matches or compliments someone else’ the adventure can be amazing.  Traveling nightmares are born when opposing styles aren’t understood and planned for.  No style is good or bad, just different and unique.  And, even people with very divergent styles can adventure together happily if they know how to do it. Explore six adventure styles below to discover yours.

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The Sightseer


The Sightseer believes that life is best lived when it is completely in order and fully aligned. You’re happy to know what’s ahead and don’t mind waiting your place in line because you are excited for what’s at the end. Your sense of reason propels you to have a plan and people rely on you for your definition, exactness, and clarity. It is no surprise that lists, planners, and itineraries are your constant companions. You feel most prepared to face the day when a plan is in place to follow. You enjoy new experiences when they are measured and safe and are often content to experience through observation.  You enjoy the journey and arriving at your destination as a result of a well-defined and closely followed plan makes the journey worthwhile.

The Traveler


Everyone loves the Traveler!  You have an open, inclusive, and inviting spirit that makes others want you join you.  You approach life with a fluid openness and each day presents another opportunity to find the entertaining moments and opportunities life has to offer. You enjoy the excitement and attractions of city life, but are equally comfortable with the peace and calmness found in nature. Your “go with the flow” attitude makes life an open ended narrative that you approach with a sense of playfulness. Whether it is warm, cozy, unhurried, and unscheduled, or loud, boisterous, inclusive, and celebratory, you pursue experiences and fun is the goal.

The Glamper


Glamorous Campers love to have it all!  You love the beauty and grandeur of the great outdoors but still want the creature comforts of modern life at home.  Amazed by your style, friends love exploring with you and are always treated with that the best the life has to offer.  You’re driven to enjoy life to the fullest yet are always prepared to just kick back and relax.  Your penchant for having everything you desire leads you to creating lists and plans, but once you’re on the way you love the unexpected and are ready for whatever comes your way.

The Thrillseeker


Thrillseekers stand out from the crowd. You’re gregarious, and approach life with a take it by the horns attitude. You’re driven to seek out new experiences and love the adrenaline rush that comes from them. Your energy is appealing but most people are a little timid to follow where you lead. Whether it’s the world’s fastest roller coaster, climbing to the top of the remote mountain peak you thrive on conquering what you haven’t conquered before and revel in your own sense of accomplishment. You’re often the center of attention and love sharing your stories with others. Successful or not, you won’t leave any challenge undone!

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The Explorer


Explorers are curious in nature and never stop searching to discover the new things that life offers. Your desire to discover new worlds is not propelled by the desire to conquer them, but to connect with them.  You’re inquisitive spirit enables you to quickly “get into the skin” of anyone, and “into the scene” any place your journey takes you.  Propelled by your “in search of” personality, you like to wander into experiences that are new and exciting. For you there is an allure to the unique and unusual and you’re more attracted to the differences in life than the similarities.

The Backpacker


Backpackers pursue life with a powerful zeal and intensity that is unstoppable. Wandering through uncharted territory is a thrilling adventure. You are driven by a deep desire to experience and be immersed in all that life has to offer, yet seek out places away from the crowds. You’re an energetic individual who carries yourself with an air of confidence and self-reliance that is impressive to others. Whether it is carrying everything you need over a mountain pass, or enjoying the quiet serenity of a backcountry lake, you’re a person of action. Searching is satisfying and you truly know that the journey is as important as the destination.

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